April 30, 2000

Visatec Solo 800 B Photo Studio Light

The Swiss flash unit manufacturer Bron Elektronik has supplemented its product line with a compact unit which has a f-stop of 45 2/3 with standard reflector at a distance of 1 m (100 ISO). The output of the Visatec SOLO 800 B can be controlled continuously over 3 f-stops. The halogen modelling light with 150 W can be set to three operating modes: 1. Full output independent of the chosen flash energy, 2. proportional to chosen flash energy or 3.
"dim", which means that the modelling light is reduced during recharge and allows the photographer to check whether all flash units have triggered. The built-in infrared-sensitive photocell can be used to trigger several units in a time-synchronous manner. The supplied protective transport cap and protecting glass protect the flashtube and the modelling light from damage. The coated flashtube ensures precise colour reproduction. It is pluggable and can be exchanged by the photographer himself. The new device comes in a sturdy aluminium housing. The unique bayonet catch allows a rapid exchange of the light shapers. They can be turned by 360°. An extensive range of accessories is available for the Visatec SOLO 800 B. Ideally matched to the flash unit, it allows the photographer to shape the light creatively in a large number of ways. The new Visatec is also available in kits with two or three compact units and accessories.
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